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"We Create Homes"

Our Motto is "We Create Homes!" And we take that responsibility seriously. We have created painstaking and thorough systems to ensure that the properties we rehabilitate are reflections of our team's commitment to our core principles; Thoughtfulness and Thoroughness.

We seek to create a comfortable and safe refuge where our buyers and their families can retreat after a busy day at work, school, or wherever.

We also create homes for businesses and even for your stuff with the same principles in mind.

Our company was formed in December 2020 with an eye towards completing projects which help to alleviate the housing shortage in this country, by taking older and uninhabitable properties and converting them into thriving and livable homes. 

We also manage a portfolio of residences so that we can help provide housing in the community.

Our plans for the future include completing bigger and better projects and rehabs, adding Mixed-Use properties, Mobile Home Parks, and even Self-Storage Facilities to our Holdings.

Our owner's, Scott & Lisa, look forward to the future and to becoming an integral part of the business landscape of Central North Carolina & beyond.

Meet The Team

Scott D Hughes, Co-Owner

Scott D. Hughes,

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Scott founded our company, along with his wife Lisa, in December 2020 in order to formalize the rental properties they already owned, and to work to expand their interest in Real Estate. A native of Virginia, he now resides in High Point, NC along with his wife Lisa, and their cat. He is retired from the US Postal Service and is a US Navy Veteran of the Submarine Service.

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Lisa Hughes,

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Lisa helped co-found the company, along with her husband Scott, in December 2020 to expand her interest in rehabbing properties and owning more rentals. A Native of New Hampshire, she formerly worked in Nursing and in Retail Management. Now she spends her time living in High Point, NC with her husband, Scott, and spending time back home in NH with her family from time to time, a situation that would not be possible but for the advantages of Real Estate.

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Ally B Craddock,
Real Estate Agent with
Caldwell Banker Advantage

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Ally is a Real Estate Agent working for CB in Kernersville. She helps us as both a Buyer's and Seller's Agent depending on the transaction. She is highly recommended if you need the services of a professional Real Estate Broker.

We are proud members and supporters of the following organizations:

GLLA Logo.png

Our goal is to ease the burden on private landlords with shared business tools and information, and focused common interests.

The Greensboro Landlords Association, Inc. began with a group of concerned landlords who saw the need to join together to relieve the virtual isolation under which many private landlords labored, and to provide a unified voice in response to increased governmental regulation.

Greensboro's best landlords are joining the GLA to learn how to work smarter, to be informed of the important issues they face, and to optimize their profitability.

Source: GLLA Website

* Click on Image above to visit organization's website.
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