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  • Does your company employ Real Estate Agents?
    No, we do not. We have Agents which we work with on a regular basis that are employee's of various firms in the area we are conducting business. These agents handle our On Market acquisition activities and all sales of properties we have Rehabbed.
  • What area do you work and do business?
    Although, we will consider deals anywhere in the US, our activity is generally confined to the Central North Carolina (Piedmont-Triad) area, Southern Virginia, and New Hampshire/New England (due to family connections).
  • What type of Real-Estate activities does your company perform?
    We are into many different aspects of the Real Estate industry. Some examples include: Owning and Managing a portfolio of Rental Properties, both Residential and Commercial. "Flipping" houses, or rehabilitating and selling homes. "BRRRR" Method of RE Investing. Similar to "Flipping" where we locate a piece of real estate in need of repair or updating, and instead of selling it at the end, we add it to our inventory of rentals. Self-Storage Facilities, Coin-Op facilities. Rehabbing & Repurposing Historical Real Estate (for example, downtown Mixed-Use properties). Wholesaling Real Estate.
  • Do you have a website where I can submit a property for you to consider for an offer?
    Yes! the address is: You can select the type of property you are submitting and then complete the form which opens. After you click "Submit" we will review it and get back with you as soon as possible.
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